1. different body types=different centers of gravity=more varied movements, right? that’s the theory, anyway.

  2. boo!

  3. I just wanted to put together a collection of all the sketchy process that went into that illustration. Between the scale of the monsters, the perspective, and the sheer number of limbs and interactions with the environment, it was a really great challenge. The gif is just a roll through all the layers.

  4. Another commission for mukani, who asked for her angel Mitzrael getting in a fight. 

  5. a magnificent sketchdump of warmups for your viewing pleasure. 

  6. I love sphinxes a lot so here’s one floating inexplicably.


  7. theskoomacat said: This is absolutely awesome! Is there a possibility of you posting the drawing super-duper minimized so it's easier to understand how the left side looks?

    Sure! Here it is in all its glory:



  8. nomderonge said: Dare I ask what happened to the Novaks?


    amelia novak is irrelevant. claire novak, on the other hand, is of paramount importance. she is our Witness.

    come and see.

    (Best viewed with Chrome. If the embedded file doesn’t work, view the answer here! Code by samkatdiz and calix9)

    rebageling here for posterity.

  9. 22to22:

    (print: x)

    He doesn’t talk about it—what would he say?

    "Morning, Cas, how are you?" "Oh, y’know, my metaphysical being is pressing several hundred tons worth of weight down on my shoulders and my wings are calcifying and I’m going out of my mind with pain, the usual." 

    Even fantasizing it, he can see the other person’s eyes glaze over as they heave an impatient sigh. No one wants to hear him complain about how his worm-eaten marble heart is too heavy for him to carry without his Grace, how his mortal vessel’s body wasn’t meant to bear it without those big beautiful powerful wings and that mighty steel ribcage. They’re gone now, of course, wings becoming brittle and shattering to pieces at the slightest touch; the bars of his chest snapped, popped clean off, one by one, clattering in the trail of debris his decaying angelic body left behind him, until all that was left was that horrible stone monolith. 

    Well. That’s not entirely true. He still has one pair of wings left, the ones he had shown to Dean through thunder and the flash of lightning, but they’re too occupied holding up that big, terrible, cracked, crumbling heart of his. The hollow flightless bones are petrified, another set of fossils imprinted into the hunk of marble. His mobility is shot. Now he’s just waiting around for the nerves to finally die so he can ignore the fact he ever had wings at all.

    But nobody wants to hear about that. They’d rather he talk about the universal unconscious, about connecting the spiritual and the carnal in lavish orgies. The “fun parts” version of being a fallen angel.

    He’s tempted to take a buzz saw to between his shoulders.

    Bit of a blast from the past to let you know that this is now available as a print!


  10. skydark said: Hi! On your Ask blog there is a stunning piece of Levi!Cas standing on Dean's chest as he sleeps, is that available as a print?

    ah, unfortunately, no, not yet. I tried a printed version of it and, while the piece works really well scrolling to see it digitally, physically it loses a lot of its oomph. 

    I might try to work it into the original composition of Leviastiel’s full trueform (of which the piece in question is about 1/5th of) but the print would have to be pretty huge. :/ like, 30” at the least. (why did I have to make it so detailed?! OTL )

    You’re right, though, I like that piece a lot too—I shouldn’t keep it cooped up away from the world!

  11. perfect symmetry is boring anyway.


  12. defilerwyrm said: I've been completely emotionally compromised by "Beloved". A large portion of that is due to the music. I can mostly make out the words and have a strong suspicion of what they are but figure it can't hurt to ask: what ARE the lyrics?


    I’m so happy to hear that! The entire production time on Beloved was spent desperately trying to infuse it with emotion, then frantically uncluttering it so it could be accessible. It’s truly satisfying to know that someone felt it.

    The music is a short clip that loops and has some (not much) volume variation programmed in to help keep it from sounding too painfully like a short clip that loops. I was hoping to be able to package it as something nicer than the production file, but I don’t see any reason not to at least share the production file. The vocals are a separate file that runs a different volume variation code, which mostly just increases volume by a small amount over time.

    I hope you enjoy them!

    Music / Vocals

    “No one wants to be lonely, but alone is what we are.”

    Some people have been asking after the music to Beloved since before asks were rebloggable. In case you are still interested, here it is!

    Tagged #beloved
  13. Study McStuderson has proven to be a pretty solid investment.

  14. If you’da told me a year ago I’d be painting landscapes to relax I would
    have laughed in your face. Yet, here we are.

  15. Damien out for a walk. I guess it’s a warmer day than usual in Baker City.