1. candy—vampire:

    Most of the time production art is just a lot of work, but the exploded view of props is so incredibly satisfying.

  2. candy—vampire:

    chilly day out for crimefighting.

  3. [succumbs to roosterteeth fandom]

  4. Super quick&dirty sketch of a snippet of a dream where I ended up in perpetual freefall in the vacuum of space until I came across this grid of undulating cables that crisscrossed the universe. Climbing around on those squirmy things was a definite improvement from helplessly drifting through the void.

  5. candy—vampire:

    Quick sketch of Ms Pepper Mint, reporter extroardinaire.

  6. candy—vampire:

    just realized Damien’s the protag in a noir crime show and I’ve never drawn him all mussed up after a brawl. 

  7. candy—vampire:

    pulp action YEAH

  8. A thrilling array of images for your viewing pleasure!

  9. They can’t all be gems.

  10. Today’s morning warmups! Hooray.

  11. Hahahaha oh my god. So rusty.

  12. true story: I am Biff in the mornings.

  13. So, back in high school one of my best friends used to draw me these fantastically bizarre doodles. One such doodle was this weird thing, which if I recall correctly was a fertility goddess? Anyway, I drew a picture of it in secret and half-inked it before the picture disappeared into a sketchbook for five years. Having just found it two days ago I decided to finish it.

  14. Love’s got this hagfish tied up in knots! 

  15. Glowy Cave of Wonder!