1. If you’da told me a year ago I’d be painting landscapes to relax I would
    have laughed in your face. Yet, here we are.

  2. Damien out for a walk. I guess it’s a warmer day than usual in Baker City.

  3. made up some volcanic glass for painting practice.

  4. messing around with fancy stationery and watercolors.


  5. poopsarchive asked: yo u tracked me, i made that leviastiel edit ! i've always admired your art btw~

    Hooray! :D I was just a lil worried because when I clicked on the source it lead to a dead link. Thank you for making such a beautiful edit (and not minding me doing a study of it XD)!

  6. I made the mistake of going through my leviastiel tag, found this lovely edit, and couldn’t resist doing a study.


  7. In other news, I am absolutely terrible at not getting my blogs mixed up constantly. Ha. 

  8. Detective Quaid Cumber reviewing some case files in his office.

  9. *ticks Days Sasha Has Gone Without Drawing Supernatural Fanart sign back down to 0*

  10. I think I spent like half an hour on this?? ahh. boring speedpaint for you lovely 2am bloggers.

  11. A quick sketch of Cara in between Illustrator crashes. She looks pretty good with her hair down.

  12. Peggy Sweetbread and Cara Mell investigate something peculiar.


  13. Anonymous asked: I love you very much. Thank you for your art and yourself, don't give up! Good luck!


    This message makes me so happy! I love you too, anon!! Thank you for the encouragement! <3


  14. Hey everybody!

    I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting very much. The irony is that I’m drawing for work 10 hours a day, every day, and still don’t have anything I can show you. My art friends warned me this would happen, but did I listen? Noooo, I sat there and I thought, “that would never happen to me." What a fool I was.

    Anyway, I hope your February is going well. Friendly reminder that my etsy sale ends next week, so grab those sweet prints with a swank discount while you can! Also, don’t forget to take your meds(if you take meds) and drink lots of water and eat things you like and be kind to yourself, okay? You’re rad.

  15. Commission for the incomparable Torr for a wedding picture of Leviathan and Beloved in a ‘verse where the bad guys win and get everything they’ve ever wanted.