1. If you’da told me a year ago I’d be painting landscapes to relax I would
    have laughed in your face. Yet, here we are.

  2. Damien out for a walk. I guess it’s a warmer day than usual in Baker City.

  3. made up some volcanic glass for painting practice.


  4. 22to22:

    *taps mic nervously* come watch me draw some angel trueforms, maybe?

    finished! thank you for coming U3U


  5. *taps mic nervously* come watch me draw some angel trueforms, maybe?

  6. messing around with fancy stationery and watercolors.


  7. poopsarchive asked: yo u tracked me, i made that leviastiel edit ! i've always admired your art btw~

    Hooray! :D I was just a lil worried because when I clicked on the source it lead to a dead link. Thank you for making such a beautiful edit (and not minding me doing a study of it XD)!

  8. I made the mistake of going through my leviastiel tag, found this lovely edit, and couldn’t resist doing a study.


  9. In other news, I am absolutely terrible at not getting my blogs mixed up constantly. Ha. 

  10. Detective Quaid Cumber reviewing some case files in his office.

  11. *ticks Days Sasha Has Gone Without Drawing Supernatural Fanart sign back down to 0*

  12. I think I spent like half an hour on this?? ahh. boring speedpaint for you lovely 2am bloggers.

  13. A quick sketch of Cara in between Illustrator crashes. She looks pretty good with her hair down.

  14. Peggy Sweetbread and Cara Mell investigate something peculiar.


  15. Anonymous asked: I love you very much. Thank you for your art and yourself, don't give up! Good luck!


    This message makes me so happy! I love you too, anon!! Thank you for the encouragement! <3