1. candy—vampire:

    Quick sketch of Ms Pepper Mint, reporter extroardinaire.

  2. candy—vampire:

    just realized Damien’s the protag in a noir crime show and I’ve never drawn him all mussed up after a brawl. 

  3. candy—vampire:

    pulp action YEAH

  4. A thrilling array of images for your viewing pleasure!

  5. They can’t all be gems.

  6. Today’s morning warmups! Hooray.

  7. Hahahaha oh my god. So rusty.

  8. true story: I am Biff in the mornings.

  9. So, back in high school one of my best friends used to draw me these fantastically bizarre doodles. One such doodle was this weird thing, which if I recall correctly was a fertility goddess? Anyway, I drew a picture of it in secret and half-inked it before the picture disappeared into a sketchbook for five years. Having just found it two days ago I decided to finish it.

  10. Love’s got this hagfish tied up in knots! 

  11. Glowy Cave of Wonder!

  12. This morning’s warmup, inspired by the best dream I’ve had in months.

  13. It is truly a thrill a minute for today’s morning warmups.


  14. landofrunawayangels:

    Cover art provided by the lovely 22to22 who runs theleviathanshavetheangel.


    L1: Seems a downright shame…
    L2: Shame?
    L1: Seems an awful waste…
    Such a familiar face

    Winchester has…
    ‘Cause it can be traced…

    And we need a lift,
    Men to be erased…
    Think of it as thrift, As a gift,
    If you get my drift? No?

    Seems an awful waste…
    I mean, with the pain they cause
    They take the chance, when they see it,
    And they see it…
    L2: HAH!
    L1: Good, you see it!

    Take, for instance, all the things they’re doing to Dick!
    Fighting never better using only detergent and soap!
    And to think that it’s foolishly given them all sorts of hope!
    And I’m sure we can compare as far as looks!

    L2: Oh my good friend, what a charming notion
    L1: Well, it does seem a waste…
    L2: Eminently practical
    And yet appropriate as always!

    L1: It’s an idea…
    L2: Oh my friend, how we’ve lived in
    a hellhole all these years, I’ll never know!
    How delectable! Also undetectable!

    L1: Think about it!
    They must have left something
    We can use to get their shape
    Think of all them disguise

    L2: How choice,
    How rare!

    For what’s the sound of the world in sin?
    L1: What do you hear?
    What do you hear?
    What is that sound?

    L2: Those crunching noises pervading Heaven!
    L 1: Yes I can hear! Yes, I can hear!
    It all around!
    L2: Leviathans devouring men!
    BOTH: And
    [L1: Then] just you wait until we conquer them!

    L2: (spoken) These are desperate times, my dear, and desperate measures are called for!
    L1: Here we are, now! Found a strand of hair!
    L2: Who is that?

    L1: It’s Dean. Have a little Dean.
    L2: Is it really good?
    L1: Man, it’s too good, so lean!
    Then again, he does drown himself in his beer,
    So it’s fucked up here!

    L2: Lots of issues now?
    L1: They saved the world how?
    L2: Haven’t you got seraph, or something to chow?
    L1: No, y’see, the trouble with seraph is
    Ours we had there is unseen. Try the Dean!

    L2: A bit male model
    L1: Tattoos devil’s traps on his skin to keep the devils out
    L2: But really traps them in his head!

    L1: At least he can’t keep us out!
    And we can steal that ride of his!
    Trouble is
    We can’t clean the car windows!
    L2: Put some Borax on that!

    His brother’s rather nice.
    L2: But there is a price.
    L1: And hallucinations of devils
    make his psyche well on the ice!

    L2: Do you wanna trade?
    L1: So get this, you know I would love
    But, it’s still high above our pay grade!
    Anyway, it fades.

    But of course, these visions could go on for days!
    L2: Here’s a hellhound, from Crowley’s pound.
    L1: Oh, you liar, look higher,
    You’ll notice vampire!

    L2: You’re no fun! That’s from demon!
    L1: No, it has to be vampire — There’s fangs!

    L2: The history of our torturing
    L1: Now we’re on the rise,
    Oh we will crush all of those damn flies!
    L2: Is those that ruled serving those newer things!

    L1: Tons of pretty lives,
    So there should be plenty of disguise!
    L2: And now history seems to allude
    BOTH: That those new things will serve those that once ruled!

    L1: Now let’s see, here we’ve got spirit!
    L2: Ehh… too near it.
    L1: Dragon!
    L2: ‘S braggin’.
    L1: Rougarou
    L2: Bless you?
    L1: Horseman
    L2: Course, man!
    L1: Rakshasa?
    L2: The fuck?

    Werewolves play a tune
    L2: Howling at the moon

    L1: Then there’s also wraith
    But you don’t have a faith
    You’ve got to pick soon
    Give this one a run, they call it siren

    L2: You can use this one
    L1: This is fun, and it’s done
    Dragon, these ones have the wings
    Pretty little things
    L2: But still no Winchesters

    L1: How ‘bout this old thing?
    Wait, it’s from demon, Meg’s her name and
    You’ll see here, well, this girl’s mean
    Stick to Dean!

    Now, this one might be a little burnt
    But that’s what you get when it’s Ash!
    L2: No no no no no, I like a little more bang to my flavors.
    L1: So who do you want?!
    L2: Bring me Harvelles!
    L1: That blows!

    L2: At least, my friend, our revenge is sweet
    L1: What have you thought, what have you thought? Thought up right now?
    L2: I’m just so glad we can finally eat!

    L1: Yes, this is good, yes this is good
    There’s food and how
    L2: But fortunately, the world is ours
    To take, to ravage, and then to devour!

    L1: Since the boys don’t appeal to you
    How about their father?
    L2: No, not him either. He died a couple years ago anyway. So…
    L1: He really was a dead beat! Emphasis on the dead!

    L2: Who is that?
    L1: It’s Mills.
    Sheriff Jodi Mills.
    And now that I’ve got here, it appears
    apparently it’s blood she spilled!

    And we’ve just begun —
    Here’s the Bobby Singer, so greasy
    These idjits are easy! Have some!
    L2: Oh you have your fun.
    Cause you know that I’ll never go near that one!

    L1: Try the prophet,
    They make profit!
    L2: No, the prophets are truly
    Too wild and unruly!

    L1: Then psychic, just for some kick!
    L2: And what lives it appears we have won!
    I’ll come again when you have Winchester on the menu!

    L1: Wait, true, we don’t have them yet
    But I’ve found something you might fancy even better
    L2: What’s that?
    L1: Tan trench coat!

    L2: Have clarity towards the war, my friend!
    L1: Yes, yes, I know that now!
    L2: We’ll take it all, it does not depend.
    L1: Angel to man and how!

    L2: We’ll not discriminate great from small!
    No, we’ll be anyone,
    Meaning anyone,
    BOTH: Look like anyone
    At all!

  15. It’s been like eight thousand years since I drew dragons.